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Although I started helping business owners back in 2001, my business knowledge goes back to April 1987. My name is  Ian Kane and I learnt all about how to run a business fast because I had no choice. At the age of 26, with a trade behind me I decided that to get ahead in life I needed to be in business so I bought my very first business.

There were no text books or agencies to help so I was left with no choice. So it was in the deep end and either I sank or swam.

After much trial and error things turned out much better than I would of dreamed of and I created a business to be proud of.

So much so that I was getting requests to help other business owners turn their businesses around. In the end I became a business coach and have helped many business owners turn their business (actually a glorified job) into a business that they end up working on not in.

So Fast forward to 2019 and I have decided to get the best use of my time and to help as many business owners as I can making my self available to the wider world by creating this website. 

So after all these years and several businesses later the  time is right for me to give back something to the business community.

How Can I Help You?

Do you have a question or are you interested in working with me? Just fill out the form here.

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