Raving Fans Make a Dream Business in 3 Steps

Raving Fans Make a Dream Business in 3 Steps

Raving Fans Make a Dream Business in 3 Steps. Just imagine your customers are promoting your business and sending you customers to spend their cash.
Now that is a Dream Business.

What’s The Difference Between You And The Bloke Down The Road ? Whether you are selling products or services there needs to be a point of difference. Something unique about you to differentiate you from the rest.

In other words your customers may describe themselves as satisfied customers as long as your service is not as bad as the competition. Customers these days want more and if they find someone doing that they will vote with their wallet and go there.

Consequently if you were to provide exceptional customer service you will have customers beating a path to your door.

The following is a list of steps the typical customer will go through Firstly they are 

  • Suspect someone who is interested in what you have to sell

  • Prospect someone who you have collected their details from

  • Shopper actually bought something

  • Customer came back and bought again

  • Member has a feel of belonging to your business

  • Advocate is now telling others about your business

  • Raving Fan is now promoting and selling for you

So the process to get your business where you have Raving Fans Make a Dream Business is a 3 step process which by coincidence is based on the customers needs

  1. Discover What the Customer Wants. Quiz your customers on what it is that would like most. Why is it crucial that they find a solution? And then work out how implement the solution.

  2. Over Deliver Under Promise give more than they expect, surprise them with extras deliver 1% more than they expect. However don’t over extend yourself the 1% more is more than the competitors are doing.

  3. Spoil Your Best Customers it is 7 times more expensive to get a new customer than sell to an existing customer. Spoil your best customers they do deserve your best offers

Admittedly this all sounds pretty easy but it does take some work however the rewards far outweigh the work involved to implement .

In conclusion

  • Discover What the Customer Wants
  • Over Deliver Under Promise
  • Spoil Your Best Customers

As a Final Point you need to create a customer service based system so that your customer service WOW’s them every time.

Want to Know  How to lets us help you grow your business.

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